SC – We The People is a faith-based, grassroots coalition of South Carolinians, young and old, who care about their faith, state, and country.

Dedicated to:


abortion in 
South Carolina.


human trafficking in
South Carolina.


Religious Freedom in
South Carolina.


South Carolina’s history and heritage.


Christians are registered to vote in South Carolina.

We aim to educate, motivate and empower citizens to be involved like never before!

Your voice matters!

We believe that the citizens of South Carolina should be empowered to be involved in elections at the Federal, State and Local Level. There are several ways to let your voice be heard.


Register to Vote!

Voting is not just an exercise of freedom, it is the platform through which we can truly have our voices heard.


Write to your Leaders!

Just as it is important for us to hear the values and plans of those running for office, they need to hear from us too!


Spread the Word!

The only way to effect change is to speak out. We must continue to stand for what is right. 

We need your help.

As a grassroots coalition, we depend on support from fellow Patriots like you. RIGHT NOW a great deal of civic education is needed. ACTIVE CITIZENS LIKE YOU are of vital importance! Please consider supporting us on this patriotic endeavor.